Monday, December 22, 2008

Greetings from the Managing Director

Dear distinguished customers of Camax,

Firstly I would like to wish you all Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

In the year of 2008 which is passing into history, Camax has gained a healthy and fast development, thanks to your support. Therefore I would like to hereby offer my and my staffs’ true gratefulness to you.

In this year, we have successfully established a preliminarily good operations system under the guidance of ISO9001, and acquired this ISO certificate. In R&D, we set up teams that are working on projects. Every team is responsible for the development of a new product. In quality, we reinforced its control and introduced lever handle test machine and precision inspection and test device CMM. In production, we are forming special lines for panic exit devices, casting levers, tube levers, and have successfully accomplished task one.

The year has been a harsh one, in which the global financial crisis broke out. But nevertheless, we, Camax, have successfully obtained high speed growth. And although the bottom line of the crisis is still intangible, we have our confidence, when foreseeing the coming year of 2009, that Camax will still be running on a stable and healthy track.

We are confident of the coming year of 2009 because we will:

1. upgrade our customer service system to better meet their requirements and satisfy them.
2. move our machining factory to a brand new and individual plant, and move our polishing factory to the new plant to save management cost.
3. rollout over 30 new models per month.
4. form special production lines for panic exit devices, casting levers and tube levers, in order to boost our expertise.
5. perfect our production processes, to increase its efficiency and cut the cost and ensure in-time delivery.
6. reinforce quality control to ensure the consistence in product quality

We have strong reasons to believe that, via our hard work, our customers will become more satisfied. And only with satisfied customers can we be successive more and longer.

Taking this opportunity, I would like to, in a humble manner, kindly request that you, our distinguished customers, to continue offering your support to us. And in return, you will find that Camax Hardware is your loyal, grateful and reliable business partner.

Thank you!

Yours sincerely

Johnson Lee
General Manager
Jiangmen Camax Hardware

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Thank-you letter from MD of Camax to the guests of Canton Fair

To distinguished guests of Camax:

This is Jiangmen Camax Hardware. And we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your kind visit to our booth at 14.3B41-42 during the Canton Fair.

As you may already have been presented, we are a professional manufacturer in architectural hardware precision casting. We are one of the biggest player in this industry of south China. We pursue the ultimate goal of customer satisfaction through our high quality of products and services. We focus only on precision casting door handle, panic device, tube lever handle, on door hardware and no more. This is to ensure our expertise and quality. And we have acquired certificates of ISO9001:2000 this year. And You are kindly requested to visit our official website at

In your visit, you and your enterprise impressed us very much. And we feel that you are a serious buyer and partner. We would like to build a long term and reliable partnership with you in order to expand our mutual business, which we believe will be very successful.

Please let us know if you have the same thought and already got the inquiry that you would like us to answer.

Best wishes,

Johnson Lee
General manager
Jiangmen Camax hardware Co., Ltd.

New line for tube lever

People always tend to stop at where attracts them the most. So you may wonder where people stop the most when they are paying visits to Camax?

The new showroom of course is one of the stopping places. Yet people stop to see and learn when they are at the newly established tube lever production line.

This new line is introduced to better service our customer by providing JIT (Just In Time) delivery and good quality (EN1906). The line outputs as high as 200,000 sets of levers per month, which out numbers a lot of our competitors.

The workshop is clean and bright. It takes only four hours to turn a bunch of raw materials into a beautifully finished and reliable handle set.

Come and join people who felt attracted here. We shall bring you more.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Camax and the 104th Canton Fair

The 104th China Import and Export Fair, or the Canton Fair will be held in Guangzhou at the famous Pazhou exhibition center, from Oct 15th to Dec 6th, in three separate sessions.
Camax Hardware has confirmed the participation in the fair and the booth number as follows.


Time would be from Oct 15th to 19th, first session.
Our distinguished customers and guests are warmly welcome to our booth.

Friday, August 29, 2008

New models offered

We are proud to present two of our latest models:

Solid casting lever handle, Serenade (Ref.code:CMH138), and

Solid casting pull handle, CHC009.

Click on the links to view their detailed infomation.

For any query or question, please contact us.

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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Camax and the city

Jiangmen, meaning the gate of river, is a beautiful quiet little town attached to the Pearl River Delta of south China. The roads here are magnificently constructed and the palm trees are dancing in the sea breeze. People here are decent and warmhearted. It is the city in China which has bred the most overseas emigrants.
This is where Camax was born and is growing. Though young it is, Camax is professional and invigorated. It is managed by modern methodologies and ideas, dedicating itself to the harmonious winning of its customers, shareholders, directors and employees.
Camax was established to believe in professional quality of products and services. Its staffs are well trained to be able to produce superior quality products and to provide services of even higher quality to its customers and friends.
With happily invigorated employees, modern scientific management methods and solid financial background, Camax is keen to work with customers and friends from across the countries to build a better future. And we are willing to share our belief, Confidence, Activeness, and MAXimization.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Why ordering from us?

There might be wonders in your mind: why am I studying this site and why am I choosing to partner with Camax. This is commonly asked questions yet not easy to answer. Since we are the goods & services provider, we are willing and happy to worry those for you.
And below are the answers to the haunting questions:

1. Camaxhas the highest monthly and yearly output of investment casting door handles and other architectural hardware in south China, solid reason for choosing a long term partner.

2. Camax offer on time and stable delivery to save customers’ inventory management cost and time cost and reduce safety inventory. All you have to do is to order with us ahead of time and the shipments will be delivered by the time you need them.

3. 200 hours salt spray test endurance of SS casting door handles and other products; and CE/UL certificates for panic exit devices, superior quality is what Camax has.

4. With the superior quality of the products we are providing and the on time delivery, we save your possible time and cost to deal with complaints and claims

5. Very wide range of products, professional

6. Good pre-sale, on-sale and post-sale service to ensure customers’ interest is well served

7. Active and invigorated employees will produce high quality products and service

8. Solid experience of mould construction shortens the overall development lead time

9. We Understand the customer’s requirements well hence can action correctly

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