Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Camax and the city

Jiangmen, meaning the gate of river, is a beautiful quiet little town attached to the Pearl River Delta of south China. The roads here are magnificently constructed and the palm trees are dancing in the sea breeze. People here are decent and warmhearted. It is the city in China which has bred the most overseas emigrants.
This is where Camax was born and is growing. Though young it is, Camax is professional and invigorated. It is managed by modern methodologies and ideas, dedicating itself to the harmonious winning of its customers, shareholders, directors and employees.
Camax was established to believe in professional quality of products and services. Its staffs are well trained to be able to produce superior quality products and to provide services of even higher quality to its customers and friends.
With happily invigorated employees, modern scientific management methods and solid financial background, Camax is keen to work with customers and friends from across the countries to build a better future. And we are willing to share our belief, Confidence, Activeness, and MAXimization.

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