Monday, August 4, 2008

Why ordering from us?

There might be wonders in your mind: why am I studying this site and why am I choosing to partner with Camax. This is commonly asked questions yet not easy to answer. Since we are the goods & services provider, we are willing and happy to worry those for you.
And below are the answers to the haunting questions:

1. Camaxhas the highest monthly and yearly output of investment casting door handles and other architectural hardware in south China, solid reason for choosing a long term partner.

2. Camax offer on time and stable delivery to save customers’ inventory management cost and time cost and reduce safety inventory. All you have to do is to order with us ahead of time and the shipments will be delivered by the time you need them.

3. 200 hours salt spray test endurance of SS casting door handles and other products; and CE/UL certificates for panic exit devices, superior quality is what Camax has.

4. With the superior quality of the products we are providing and the on time delivery, we save your possible time and cost to deal with complaints and claims

5. Very wide range of products, professional

6. Good pre-sale, on-sale and post-sale service to ensure customers’ interest is well served

7. Active and invigorated employees will produce high quality products and service

8. Solid experience of mould construction shortens the overall development lead time

9. We Understand the customer’s requirements well hence can action correctly

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